The Story Based Case Study Strategy – Cold Email & Social Selling on Steroids


So you’ve developed a set of buyer personas to identify your prospects. And you’ve created a cold email campaign for your first buyer persona that ensures you’re not cold emailing a prospect called everyone. Perhaps you’ve managed to avoid the 75 most common cold

How Web Page & Content Copy Can Increase Your Cold Email Response Rates

Creating cold emails that get opened and resonate with a prospect is just part of the job. To achieve maximum results, every piece of external written communication – web pages, content pieces – must be on point. This is best

Introducing The Ultimate Cold Email Copy Mistakes Checklist


Cold email is probably the least sexy of all online marketing channels, but when it’s executed well the results can be remarkable. In fact, there’s not another channel that can beat it in terms of cost per acquisition, speed to

3 Cold Email Messaging Traps Waiting For Sales Leaders & Founders


The B2B sales industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation with greater levels of attention, talent, thought leadership, social data, role specialization and tech tools available now, than at any point before. As Max Altschuler, CEO and founder of Sales Hacker says… “It’s

Cold Emailing a Prospect Called Everyone?


Have any of the following thoughts shaped your cold email’s value proposition message? Every prospect could benefit from our product. Our best prospect is a paying one. If we only target that group of prospects, we might miss out on these opportunities.